Countdown To Back To School: Is Your ADHD Kiddo Ready? Are YOU Ready??

Many ADHD kids, and their parents, dread starting a new school year. As a retired K12 teacher, a certified ADHD Life Coach, and a mom, I get it! Join me for this webinar and discussion, where we will talk challenges, and strategies. Let’s make this year the one where your child  says “I love school,” and where you keep your sanity!!

  • ADHD Friendly Ways to Manage Your Money Workshop

    Join Annette and other ADHDers as we cover:

    • strategies to deal with impulse buying
    • learning how to find money to save
    • managing credit card and student loan debt
    • money and relationship
    • discovering what is driving your financial life, and how to improve it

    All through the lens of ADHD!

    money management through lens of adhd