ADHD Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching will help clients support the weaker parts of their brain function, while capitalizing on the uniquely awesome parts of the ADHD brain!

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD coaching is an action based practice, where the coach and the client work together to develop strategies to enable the client to make progress towards their goals. Coaching helps clients learn about their ADHD (because everyone’s is different), and how to work with their strengths, values, and creativity to meet their challenges, and move forward.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy tends to look backwards, to see the origin of different behaviors and feelings. This can be highly valuable and important! Coaching is more forward facing-rather than looking back and asking “why,” coaches work with their clients to look forward, and say “how?”

So will the coach tell me what I should do?

Coaches will work with you to figure out what is the best course of action for YOU. That can involve asking questions, brainstorming ideas together, role playing, and using the coach’s expertise in ADHD to create strategies. But the coach is never going to say “just do it this way!” Also, if the coach and client develop a plan, and the client later doesn’t feel comfortable with it, or it’s not effective, there is no blame game-the coach and client just get back to work during the next session, finding another avenue.

How often do coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions are generally once a week, for 45 minutes. They can be by phone, or on Zoom. You can also have email contact with the coach between sessions, and accountability texts.

Which brings us to…what is an accountability text?

One really effective strategy for getting things done-especially things one is likely to put off-is to have an accountability buddy. This is someone that you tell you are going to complete “X” task this week, and then report in to them at the end of the week (sometimes more often than that). The accountability buddy is not a judge; they are simply someone you need to mention your progress to. If your coach is your accountability buddy, they may ask a question or two if you don’t meet your goals during the week, to make the goal setting more realistic, and successful, the next time.

Can’t I use my spouse/parent/friend as a coach?

ADHD Coaches such as myself have studied to become experts on ADHD, and are able to translate what we know into action for you. Also, asking someone close to you to be your coach can shift that relationship in ways that might not be what you want with that person.

Why do I need a coach? None of my other friends need coaches.

Having ADHD means having a brain that might be different from your friends’ brains. On the minus side, working memory and executive function are weak, which means that keeping up with responsibilities in a neurotypical world might require some extra support.

However, on the plus side-ADHD brains are usually super creative, empathetic, and able to focus on interesting topics like no one else’s brain! Coaching will help clients support the weaker parts of their brain function, while capitalizing on the uniquely awesome parts of the ADHD brain!