“For your feedback, it was most helpful that while you did guide or direct my thoughts, you also allowed me to arrive at my a-ha moments on my own. This is very important not only from a learning and retention point of view, but also from a confidence perspective – being ADHD and intelligent (2e) is a complex, challenge because when folks treat you like you’re stupid then after a while you start to believe them, so being able to achieve these a-ha moments following my own unique logical pathway was a massive confidence boost, I DO have the power to do this. So a huge and heartfelt thank you.”

Janis S.

“I have been working with Annette Lang of Constellation ADHD Coaching for several months related to a family member who has ADHD.   I have found her to be highly insightful and knowledgeable about ADHD, and very pragmatic in her advice to me.  She is also extremely empathetic and supportive.   I would highly recommend Annette for coaching in this field.” 

Heidi S.

“Annette is friendly and upbeat but also down-to-earth and practical. She understood my challenges but also encouraged me in my strengths and opportunities. I felt respected and appreciated because she always spoke to me like an equal. Annette was flexible, becoming whatever coach I needed in the moment. When I needed practical advice on how to overcome my challenges, she was ready with advice that was catered to me. When I needed a person to virtually sit next to me as I went through my inbox, she did that. And when I needed unofficial therapy, she helped me talk through my thoughts and arrive at important insights. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Annette again.”

David K.

“When I first met Annette, I was in my first year teaching and was really struggling to manage my personal responsibilities with my job. I was constantly missing deadlines, arriving late to work, and even called called into the principal’s office for the first time in my life! I was also in over $10,000 in credit card debt and was struggling to stick to a budget. I found a number of coaches that agreed to meet with me, but I was particularly drawn to Annette because of her experience in teaching and finance.

Annette helped me figure out strategies that made my obligations feel less overwhelming and even fun at times. I haven’t been late to work or missed a deadline since I started coaching over a year and a half ago. Her check ins over text make me feel like I have someone holding me accountable. Although she never judges me if I don’t accomplish what I planned to, she does make sure I have a plan to get it done another time. Her financial expertise has also helped me get out of credit card debt, stick to a budget, and save for my upcoming wedding.

In addition to all this measurable grown, I also feel more confident in myself. Annette’s guidance and strategies for managing my unique ADHD-related challenges have helped me accept my ADHD as just another part of who I am, not of a character flaw that holds me back. I feel like I can finally reach my potential!”

Natasha O.